Project Background

I worked at iMarts as a UX Researcher and UX Designer between January and July 2021. During this time, I conducted user research, established the product structure, and refined several versions of the design. 


UX Researcher/Designer


March - July 2021

Project Status

Under Develpoment

Feature Team

Muriel Kuan (CEO)
Ethan Lin (CTO)
Dian (Data Analytics Engineer)
Evena Chang (UI Designer)
Sunny (Marketing)


Sketching, Miro, Figma


Stakeholder Interview
Guerilla User Research
Comparative Assessment
Design Brief
User Journey Map
Task Flow
Interactive Prototypes
Quick-and-Dirty Usability Test 

What was I working on?

Much of what we were working on is still not yet live. This means I can’t put any of my work up on the web. If you are interested in learning more about this project, feel free to contact me!


What I can say is...

Senior leadership saw an opportunity and decided to dive deeper into a product that is new and innovative in the market. I pitched a few ideas for the product direction to senior leadership and proceeded to build the foundations of the product.

I spent the better part of my time researching and using stories communicating within the team. During this time I was responsible for direct reports.


What did I learn at iMarts?

Knowing my target audience

Pitching my ideas to leadership at iMarts was a humbling and precious experience. I learned that it simply isn’t adequate to explain my research and design process.

For them to take my process on board, I needed to identify individual interests and from there tell a compelling story that draws their attention.

Early-stage product research = more flexibilities but chaotic

It was the very first time for me to work as a UX researcher in a startup team. I was able to have more space and flexibility to try research methods and wild ideas. Although it was chaotic, I've gained more experience at design synthesis in terms of generating insights from user data and my knowledge about the field.

There is more...

Want to hear about how we collaborated and increased the quality of our design input and impact?

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